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Nasdaq and Citi Announce Pioneering Blockchain and Global Banking Integration

Sharing information on the Blockchain project where I was the Technology Lead from Citi side. It was a ground breaking project and first production implementation of Blockchain technology by a major global bank and exchange. For Immediate Release Citigroup Inc. … Continue reading

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Brexit Blues: Why Dublin is Turning Into a Haven for Blockchain

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How to be a leader in the digital age

The coming years will be a time of “Digital Leaders”. Around the world, leaders in different fields have already started to embrace the digital revolution and recognize the power of game-changing technology. “Every country needs a Minister of the Future,” said Saleforce’s founder and CEO Marc Benioff, at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year. And he was right. Continue reading

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Introduction to Cryptography

Secure communications in presence of third parties i.e. adversaries is an old age problem and cryptography is the practice and study of techniques to solve this problem. The history of cryptography can be split into two eras: the classical era … Continue reading

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